Pero ¿cómo podía él expresar con palabras la sensación que había inundado su corazón cuando contempló aquellas flores de sobrecogedora belleza y escuchó los sonidos nocturnos de la selva? ¿Cómo comunicar lo que sintió en su corazón cuando se dio cuenta del peligro de las fieras o cuando conducía su canoa por las inciertas aguas del río?
* But how could he express in words the sensation that had flooded his heart when he contemplated those flowers of overwhelming beauty and heard the nocturnal sounds of the jungle? How to communicate what he felt in his heart when he realized the danger of wild beasts or when he drove his canoe through the uncertain waters of the river?
MELLO, Anthony de. El canto del pájaro. Santander, Sal Terrae, 1982, p. 47.
In July 2017 I went to Peru thanks to an exchange scholarship. There, I matriculated at a Landscape Painting course which offered me the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary project in the Peruvian Amazon.
That was my first trip to the jungle.
We visited the city of Pucallpa and the villages around. Then we stayed ten days in a shelter inside the Macuya forest to paint the landscape. And that`s how I fell in love with the magical world of the Amazon.
Since then I made four trips to the Amazon region of Peru. More precisely, there were 10 destinations (Tingo María, Pucallpa, Von Humboldt, Macuya, Tarapoto, Yurimaguas, Pacaya Samiria, Lagunas, Nauta, Iquitos) and many unforgettable experiences.
In the jungle. 2018. video. duration 00:47 min
found objects. 2017. variable dimensions
Up. 2018. ink on paper. 29.7 x 42 cm
Shipibo portraits. 2018. linoleum engraving. 44x30.5 cm each
Portraits. 2018. dry point engraving. 20 x 25 cm each

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