danza.mu < mu.danza < mudanza =(move)

In September 2015 I left Greece.
 I went to Granada to study Fine Arts.
 In July 2019, 4 years later, I finished my studies and decided to leave Granada.
 I had to move.
 Moving is not easy, and especially at that moment. Thus, I decided to carry out a project during the moving process, not only to take advantage of the abundance of materials and objects that I had to leave behind, but also to keep in mind those thoughts as souvenirs of my experience in Granada.
phase I

move on.
go away. (please don´t go)
Why do you like to move?
And why not?
I like to travel. Get out of my comfort zone. To explore. See. Look. Observe.
But sometimes it is difficult.
What do you leave behind?
What does House mean?
Do you have stuff?
Try to measure all your things.
And now put them in a box.
The box should have standard measures.
It's a game.
move.(but please don´t leave). 2019. installation. variable dimensions
move.(the house and the box). 2019. installation. variable dimensions
move.(the box and the house). 2019. installation. variable dimensions
phase II
move. a w a y . 2019. installation. variable dimensions
up+down . 2019. installation. variable dimensions
overmatch . 2019. installation. variable dimensions
far away . 2019. installation. variable dimensions
When I really have a house, I have plants. My house is where my plants live . 2019. installation. variable dimensions
about our limitations. 2019. installation. variable dimensions
600 gr of drawings and 1 lt of pink memories. 2019. installation. variable dimensions
phase III
that´s it. 2019.installation.variable dimensions

Sometimes we are a bit exaggerated.
We exaggerate about the situation
about our emotions
about our feelings
But in the end it´s very simple.
Follow the process
and abstract
To get to the essence.
finally.2019.installation.variable dimensions

The sun rises and falls
and we run all the time behind him trying to capture the moment
But time is relative.
space is relative
everything is relative.
If not?
me and the sun. the sun and me.2019.installation.variable dimensions

And now I'm ready to move.

the end.2019.installation.variable dimensions

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