*lionking is a project that I made during the ARP 7th Edition artistic residency with destinations: Cape Town, Granada and Rome.
mum, there are no lions here
Mum, there are no lions here. 2019. installation. variable dimensions.
Mum, there are no lions here is a project that talks about lions, trips and traditions. Before the travel, when I was thinking of South Africa I imagined yellow landscapes and wild animals. But the reality is not exactly like that, at least in the city of Cape Town. For almost 4 centuries, the Dutch arrived there and built a port city for their trip to the Indies. In the beginning, the company was dedicated to the importation of spices in Europe. Then the exotic market expanded and Holland became obsessed with Chinese porcelain with blue motifs. Today the international market continues to grow and the commercial exchange between South Africa and Asia remains powerful. However, this time the ships do not carry spices or Chinese porcelain but the bones of lions. South Africa is the first country in the export of lion bones that come to China to replace the bones of tigers in the traditional medicine. I didn’t know that, nor could I imagine lion farms here. And I think there really are very few people who know the conditions and the brutality of the market around wild animals. However we all know simba.
simba. 2019. marker and carbon on paper. 22 x 15 cm
chinese porcelain. 2019. watercolor on paper. 30 x 21 cm
Mum, there are no lions here. 2019. installation. variable dimensions
view from the lion´s head. 2019. charcoal and carbon on paper. 195 x 150 cm
lion´s head. 2019. graphite pencil on paper. 20 x 12 cm
lion´s bones. 2019. clay and watercolors. variable dimensions
probably lions live in paradise
According to Panthera, lions have disappeared from 95% of their historic range due to habitat loss, hunting and poaching, retaliatory killings by livestock owners, loss of prey and other factors. "Just over a century ago, there were more than 200,000 wild lions living in Africa. Today, there are only about 20,000; lions are extinct in 26 African countries."

probably lions live in paradise. 2019. charcoal and carbon on paper. 300 x 120 cm

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